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Not a job, but a journey

Things are hoppin’ in the heart of the country. We are growing at a fast pace and are going full speed ahead. For our customers, we conceive and create everything for and from their brand. Our umbrella is communication. And under that you’ll find campaigns, events, design, brand development and labor market communication.

We are a mash-up of Amsterdam creativity, Rotterdam audacity, Groningen common sense and Brabant hospitality. That’s why we feel right at home in Utrecht! We genuinely really enjoy what we do. Each day on our creative work floor, we enjoy working together on the communications challenges of our clients.

Simon Renes Founder effectgroep*

What our effect makers say

It’s been over five fantastic years as a graphic designer at effectgroep*! What I find most rewarding is the incredible diversity in my work. From crafting a visual identity for a brand to creating captivating campaign visuals, and from designing eye-catching event signage to developing informative government infographics. My challenge? Pushing the creative boundaries while still coloring within the lines, so to speak ;-)

Anouk Dijkstra
Graphic Designer

I’ve learned that the most beautiful things only happen when you’re at the edge of your comfort zone. After more than 6 years of effectgroep* I can honestly say that I no longer would want it any other way. As far as I’m concerned, this adventure has only just begun.

Marlous van de Wiel
Senior Communications Advisor

I see effectgroep* as a group of people who come together to brainstorm and execute cool, creative, and great ideas. Every day, you’re encouraged to produce your best work ever. You have a lot of freedom and responsibility, with no one telling you how you MUST do it, but always ready to help with how you CAN do it.

Erik Ranke

After my graduation internship, I continued to work at effectgroep*, and that is not without reason! I’ve been given a great deal of responsibility to work on very interesting and educational projects for wonderful clients. What makes it truly wonderful is the variety and the constant challenges in my role – every day is unique (and definitely never dull)!

Veerle Jansen
Project Manager Events

Bold ideas, great results

Our Mission? Achieving real results through daring ideas. Our goal is to have exceptionally contented clients who radiate joy upon witnessing the outcomes of our efforts. We begin with abstract thinking, unrestricted by boundaries, and then we translate our ideas into practical, tangible solutions. We create what we envision—mostly or entirely within our own walls. This way, we can consistently deliver on our promises.

Ping-pong table

At effectgroep*, work is not just about work; it’s also about having a great time. We believe in working hard and playing hard! We’ve got a ping-pong table on our vibrant creative workspace in Utrecht: check!

But that’s not all; we also host Lunch & Learn sessions, enjoy games of Padel, gather for drinks in our ‘Utereg,’ and indulge in fun summer activities and winter parties. So, if you appreciate social events and believe that work should be more than just work, you’ve certainly found your place with us

Why choose effectgroep*?

  • There’s never a dull moment: with many creative colleagues and great clients, you’ll never get bored. We promise!
  • A genuinely nice working environment. Period.
  • A lot of confidence, a lot of responsibility, and a lot of freedom.
  • More than a job: a journey of development, growth and pushing boundaries.
  • And you know you also want to work for the best agency in the Netherlands (source: MT1000).
For you

What do you get in return?

Our 4 pillars

With us, you are given a lot of responsibility. And, if you take that responsibility, you will find that we are your best employer ever. And there’s more. A lot of trust and freedom to work partly from home. And security — to receive and give feedback.

More than a job

Working at effectgroep* is is a journey of personal development and growth. It’s an expedition where you stretch your limits and strive to bring out your very best, regardless of where you are in your career. What goals do you see on your horizon, and what do you require to reach them?

Good terms and conditions

We offer a good package of terms and conditions of employment, such as an appropriate salary, 25 vacation days, a pension plan, a travel allowance and a laptop. We are also happy to invest in your further development.

Great colleagues

You’ll be joining a team of 35 awesome colleagues – our effect makers. Enthusiastic and friendly professionals who are genuinely (almost) always positive. Shoulder to shoulder, creating amazing work together. So, yeah: thumbs up, please!


Working at effectgroep*?

Contact our HR Manager Sandra. You can reach her by email or call 030 – 41 00 791. See our current vacancies here.

See you soon?

effect makers

Kirsten - head of creative - effectgroep
Kirsten Flik
Head of Creative
Peter - senior communicatieadviseur - effectgroep
Peter van Leeuwen
Senior Communications Advisor
Anouk - grafisch vormgever - effectgroep
Anouk Dijkstra
Graphic Designer
Corianne Visser
Corianne Visser
Graphic Designer
Simon - CEO - effectgroep
Simon Renes
CEO (founder)
Cato de Bont
Project Manager
Maureen van Houten over inclusiviteit en diversiteit op evenementen
Maureen van Houten
Program Manager
Sandra Pieterse
HR manager
mariska motion graphic designer effectgroep
Mariska van Eijden
Motion Graphic Designer
Sela Diender - project manager - effectgroep
Séla Diender
Project Manager
Marielle - COO - effectgroep
Mariëlle Timmers
Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Ilke - head of account - effectgroep
Ilke van der Mark
Head of Account (CCO)
Sandra Teune - project manager - effectgroep
Sandra Teune
Senior Project Manager
Marlous van de Wiel
Marlous van de Wiel
Senior Communications Advisor
Rebecca Makken
Project Manager (branding, content & campagnes)
Afra Hendriks
Kristel Kuijpers
Account Director
Tanya Hampsink
Tanya Hampsink
Communications Advisor
Erik - digital designer - effectgroep
Erik Ranke
Digital Designer
Elisabeth van Dijk
HR Officer
Ingrid - developer - effectgroep
Ingrid van Vliet
Marijn - senior project manager - effectgroep
Marijn Klouwen
Senior Project Manager
Monique Koot
Account Director
Ronald - grafisch vormgever - effectgroep
Ronald van Spanjen
Graphic Designer
Tamar - project manager - effectgroep
Tamar Nijenhuis
Project Manager
Gineke Geerds
Gineke Geerds
Finance Manager
Veerle - producer - effectgroep
Veerle Jansen
Project Manager
Mandy Prins