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Looking to make a significant impact? For over 25 years, we’ve been orchestrating and delivering exceptional live and online events. From monumental experiences that sweep you off your feet to content-rich, intimate gatherings. Located in the heart of the Netherlands, Utrecht, we are a Dutch event agency.

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May we say that...

Yes, we can say it, and we’re super proud! For the third consecutive year, we’ve been named the best event marketing agency in the Netherlands. By striving for the very best every day, we can once again claim the number one spot. According to the MT1000 survey, we’ve achieved the highest NPS score in both the event marketing and communication advice categories. It’s a fantastic confirmation that our clients genuinely appreciate the creativity and quality of our work


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High-value communication

Corporate events

With a high-impact event, you have the power to deeply resonate with your employees and captivate your customers. However, in today’s world, what truly entices your customers to participate? And how can you ensure that your employees are eagerly anticipating your kick-off event? Entrust our event team with your vision and let us orchestrate the most remarkable business event you’ve ever seen.

Netflix, RTL / Ad Alliance and HP already know this.

The ultimate experience of your brand

Brand events

In the realm of communication, an increasing number of brands are leaving their mark by embracing live events as a key component of their marketing strategy, whether as standalone events or integrated into campaigns (we definitely favor the latter!). Let’s be honest: what could possibly create a more profound impact and lasting impression than a live experience?

We’re eager to engage with you and explore how your brand can forge closer connections with your target audience, whether they’re young or seasoned, through the power of live events.

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On the street


Are you looking for a real connection with consumers? Do you want one-on-one attention for your story? Want to really engage your customers? We specialize in igniting your brand or campaign with precisely tailored micro-events. Whether on the streets, amidst festival vibes, on waterways, or soaring through the skies: put our creative team to work for you. Grant yourself the spotlight and exposure that will genuinely make a difference. Absolutely!


The conference world is undergoing a transformation. It’s time to infuse more enjoyment, more heartfelt moments, and a heightened sense of impact into these events. Our team specializes in developing concepts and conference programs that bring joy to attendees. While we never lose sight of the content’s importance, we reimagine the entire experience, from the initial ‘save-the-date’ to the final celebratory toast.

The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations is already in the know about our approach.

Dutch congres agency

We raise the bar – quite high, in fact. We hold the belief that your event must be truly valuable. To us, our work is akin to a craft. Every event is one-of-a-kind, so we craft a bespoke design for each. From the event’s name to its logo, and from the program to the venue, every element is thoughtfully curated to enhance the overall experience. We guarantee an event unlike any you’ve ever encountered before.

We’ve got everything under one roof to ensure your event leaves a lasting impression. You’ll have a dedicated point of contact, your guiding star throughout the entire project. Behind the scenes, a dedicated team will be working on your behalf. From creatives to producers, designers to program managers, we’ve got it all covered. That’s the convenience of partnering with a full-service agency. Meet all the effect makers here!

Meet all the effect makers!

Want to make a real impact with your event?

Want to discuss ideas for your next live event? Kirsten is ready to help you and has answers to all your questions! E-mail Kirsten at or call her on +31(0)30 41 00 790.