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Creative agency for marketing, events and communications

Super happy with effectgroep*! It’s nice to have designed our campaigns with such a passionate, flexible and professional group of people. Together we fixed it in a pleasant way and with the desired results.

Marlies Hooiveld HR Manager Home Fashion Group

Bold ideas, great results

Activate a brand? Yes! Conceive a campaign? Love to. Develop an event? Awesome! We sink our teeth into strategic challenges, come up with creative solutions, and always deliver results. Do you want 50 shades of gray? Don’t call effectgroep*, just order here. Are you ready for real impact? Mail your challenge to makemeexcited@effectgroep.nl or call Ilke.

Taste the atmosphere

Are we a good fit for each other? Do we have the designers, developers, copywriters and creatives you’re looking for? Come taste the atmosphere on our creative work floor in Utrecht. Meet the creators and designers. Ask them everything and anything. Take a look at their recent work. Challenge them to ping-pong or an arcade game. And discover whether we are your communications partner (… what we hope!).

We are a mash-up of Amsterdam creativity, Rotterdam audacity, Groningen common sense and Brabant hospitality. That’s why we feel right at home in Utrecht:-).

Simon Renes Fouder of effectgroep*

Best agency of the year

MT1000 is the largest survey among business decision-makers regarding the quality and customer focus of business service providers in the Netherlands. We are proud that our clients truly appreciate our work. For the third (!) consecutive year, we have the honor of being named the best agency in the Netherlands, and this time in two categories: communication advice and event marketing!

MT1000 winner category eventmarketing

Creative agency

We’re all about strategizing, crafting, and managing brand campaigns and everything that goes along with them. Whatever ideas we come up with, we’re not just brainstorming; we’re bringing them to life. We tailor our work to suit your brand’s unique needs, utilizing all communication channels: digital, live, and cross-media. Dive into our array of expertise.


Everything for your brand

Content for multiple social media, a concept for a trade fair, design for an interactive annual report, an online talk show, a refreshed brand compass, a cross-medial campaign, a new website or live experience? There is now an agency for all your brand expressions. And yes, we are there for commercial brands, as well as non-profit and government organizations.

What a breath of fresh air, working with effectgroep*. From strategic brainstorming to practical planning and execution.

Karen Hazelaar Foundation for Dutch Education Abroad (Stichting NOB)
We weren't born yesterday

Since 1997

Results obtained in the past are no guarantee for the future, but they do provide us a very nice list of loyal clients. And we are proud of them and treat them with care, for 25 years now. More and more brands — both for-profit & non-profit — choose our effect makers and their approach. Are you also ready for an engaged communications partner?


Our team

Professionals: that’s what you’ll find in our effect makers. They are your content creators, campaign makers, strategy makers, advertisers, noise makers and coordinators. They know perfectly well how to get your story the (paid, owned and earned) attention it deserves. Take a look at them all, or discover here what it means to work at effectgroep*.

Do you have a marketing or communication issue or query?

Call Ilke on +31(0)30 410 0790 or send her an e-mail ilke@effectgroep.nl You are also very welcome to visit us in Utrecht!