Effectgroep* number one in the MT1000 for the third consecutive year.

In the annual research of MT/Sprout

We can hardly believe it. But here we are again! For the third year in a row, our creative agency for marketing, communication, and events has been named the best service provider in the categories of communication advice and event marketing. By striving for the very best every day, we can once again call ourselves number 1.

Simon - CEO - effectgroep
Simon Renes | CEO (founder) | E-mail Simon
MT1000 effectgroep

MT1000 is the largest survey among business decision-makers in the Netherlands, evaluating the quality of business service providers. Every year, MT/Sprout asks a panel of over 5,000 business decision-makers to share their experiences with companies they have collaborated with. Effectgroep* has been named the best service provider of the year for the third year in a row, in two categories. We are celebrating this hat-trick in the same year we also mark our 25th anniversary.

We have so much to be proud of this year. In addition to celebrating our 25th anniversary, our ambitions are greater than ever. We are expanding in size while maintaining the continuity and quality for which our agency is known. Receiving such a fantastic recognition from clients and peers for the third year in a row is truly incredible.

Simon Renes founder effectgroep*

About effectgroep*

Effectgroep* is the creative agency in Utrecht specializing in marketing, communication, and events. We are committed to developing communication solutions that truly work, whether it’s a sharp strategy, captivating design, or an international event. We have all the expertise needed to deliver real results. We provide our services to clients such as HP, Spieren voor Spieren, Kwantum, Leenbakker, RTL, MantelzorgNL en Rijksoverheid.

About MT1000

The MT1000 survey, conducted by MT/Sprout in collaboration with the Amsterdam Centre for Business Innovation, asked business decision-makers to share their experiences with service providers in the Netherlands. These decision-makers were specifically asked to rate whether they would recommend these service providers to friends or colleagues on a scale from 0 to 10. These ratings were used to calculate the Net Promoter Score, which forms the basis for the MT1000 ranking. In addition, the providers were also evaluated on three essential aspects: customer orientation, product leadership, and execution quality.

Really proud

Did we mention that we’re proud? Proud of the wonderful team of effect makers who strive for the very best for our clients every day, and proud of our clients for their trust. Simon: “We’re incredibly grateful and proud of everyone who made this possible. This victory feels like a beautiful compliment and a motivation to keep going.”

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